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Via Castellana Bandiera, Enza De Francisci: “A strong sense of ‘Sicilian-ness’”

CinemaItaliaUK ViaCastellanaBandiera Enza De Francisci
Enza De Francisci

We asked Enza De Francisci (pictured) – who teaches at the Department of Italian (School if European Culture and Society) at UCL and is Fellow at the Victoria and Albert Museum – to share with us her point of view about the film “Via Castellana Bandiera” called in the UK “A Street in Palermo”.

Enza De Francisci will join the debate after the film, tomorrow at 7.30pm at Regent Street Cinema, together with academic and writer Geoff Andrews.


CinemaItaliaUK ViaCastellanaBandiera pic“Why would Emma Dante’s A Street in Palermo (2013) appeal to London audiences?

Because of its drama.

This film, situated in Palermo over the course of a heated summer’s day, tells the story of two headstrong women who refuse to give way when their cars meet bumper-to-bumper on a narrow street.

The silent exchanges between the women — juxtaposed with the chaos amongst the crowds — bring to life a strong sense of ‘Sicilian-ness’ captured in many of the great idiosyncratic works by writers like Verga and Pirandello.

A different kind of film: well worth a watch!”


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